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Nicole Duelli

Certified Classical Homeopath : Hp CCH RSHom(NA)

3641 West 29th Ave. Suite 202
Vancouver, BC V6S 1T5
Tel: 604-803-9243

email: info@vancouverhomeopath.com
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Nicole's Philosophy

Homeopathy’s potential to restore health and strengthen the body’s core defenses is unbeatable. Unlike superficial treatments, it treats root problems, whether it’s a susceptibility for the flu or a long standing chronic condition. And it’s all natural—gentle on the client and on the planet.

As a certified classical homeopath with a foundation in naturopathic medicine (Germany), Nicole Duelli is a specialist in homeopathy and natural health. In her homeopathic practice since 1995, and as a writer and instructor, Nicole has been a passionate advocate for homeopathy and holistic health for many years.

icole specializes in homeopathy for women and children. She enjoys being a natural health resource and fostering long term relationships. To fully address root imbalances, the initial 1.5 - 2 hour appointment involves a highly personalized consultation. 45-60 minute follow ups are booked to continue treatment and maintain optimal health.

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Nicole Duelli is a certified classical homeopath, naturopathic practitioner (Germany) and mother of two. She has been in private homeopathic practice in Vancouver since 1995 and enjoys sharing her passion for homeopathy and natural health as writer and instructor.

Nicole has written dozens of articles in Alive magazine and is on the Editorial Advisory Board. She was homeopathic editor and a major contributor to Alive’s award winning Encyclopedia of Natural Healing (1997). She also teaches at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, supervises students at the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy and is guest lecturer at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine. She has also been on the board for the West Coast Homeopathic Society, which has a mandate to educate the public about homeopathy.

Since 2002, we have developed a loyal following by delivering outstanding results for our clients not only in Vancouver, but also New York, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. At DS Clinic, we are committed to meeting the highest possible standards and look forward to working with you.


Initial appointment is a 1.5 to 2 hours consultation to allow for a thorough evaluation of your health overall and address root imbalances. You may be asked the following details about your chief complaint, as well as other general questions about your health, digestion, stress, sleep etc.
Follow up appointments (45-60 minutes) are typically booked to continue treatment and maintain optimal health. You will automatically be booked for your first follow up to track the action of the remedy. The frequency of continued appointments will be discussed at the second consultation and depend on the unique needs of the individual.
Rates/Duration: Rates include homeopathic remedies and research time.

    Initial consultation (1.5 - 2 hours)
  • Adults: 195.00
  • Children: 150.00
    Subsequent consultations (45-60 minutes):
  • Adults: 90.00
  • Children: 75.00
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To view more information about homeopathy, the philosophy, remedies and treatments involved please visit Nicole's blog.

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